Local outrage to anti-Indian song

There has been vigorous local reaction to a new song targeting Indians as exploiters of Africans. The song, “Umhlaba Uzobuya (the land will return)” has been released by a Durban-based group, AmaCdes (Ama Comrades).

Lyrics from the song urge blacks to stand up for their rights, “Indians should back off because this wealth belongs to us”.

“For sure wherever you are asking yourself what we can do with Indians, they are staring Africa in the eye, brutally rubbing salting in the sore …  

“Africans what have we done? You Indian what do you want in this country? Black people let us stare them in the eyes and tell them to go back and cross the ocean. If they refuse it is time for action,”  the lyrics state.

Mnqobi Ndlovu, the group’s leader says that the four members of the group shared a common goal of writing songs which raised issues affecting Africans.

“Anti-Indian hate speech is due to envy and jealousy of Indians in general. The community may need to launch court action to stop this conduct and punish the offenders,” said Ashin Singh of local advocacy group, South African Minority Rights Equality Movement (SAMREM).

He said the organisation had been formed to promote racial reconciliation and deal with racial utterances that have become commonplace in the last few years.

The song has been distributed around Durban and Pietermaritzburg townships and major taxi ranks via social media.  It has not yet been released to radio stations.

Msunduzi Speaker Babu Baijoo commenting in his private capacity described the latest anti-Indian song as regrettable saying the nature of the lyrics necessitated that the matter be reported to the South African Human Rights Commission.

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