Animal activists must consider those destined for the dinner table too

While I admire the work by Cheri Cooke, and the other millions like her worldwide in advocating the release of Opal, the orangutan, I wonder if they will ever demonstrate the same kind of compassion for the millions of animals and birds bred, kept unnaturally and fattened, to be eventually slaughtered for their dinner tables.

Many of your readers are probably unaware of the trauma these animals and birds suffer as they are herded to their eventual beheading : one only has to go to any abbitior anywhere in the world, and look into the eyes of the animals and birds, then think for themselves what their looks are saying.

I find it difficult in the extreme to imagine that humans who belong to the same classification as OPAL, have become so clouded in their ” reasoning “, that they are able to divide their compassion from animal to animal.

In the eyes of our cosmic creator, all creatures are equal.

Endowed with the gift of reasoning does not entitle human beings to exploit the lesser intelligent of creation, and advance spurious reasons to justify mass cruelty.

Hard economics will eventually force humans to realise the futility of animal / bird consumption.

May that day come sooner rather than later.

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