PMB local in Miss Commonwealth 2016 final

With a recent interest in pageantry, Alisha joined Irene’s modeling agency for a year, graduating in 2015.
“In April I formed a keen interest in searching for modeling competitions and I had stumbled onto application forms for  Miss Commonwealth SA 2016 and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me.
The selection process took place in September and I was amazed that I was chosen as one of the top thirty finalists,” Alisha explained.
Being an aspiring foundation phase teacher, Alisha has always had a passion for children and teaching.
“I hope to be the founder of a non-profit organization next year for underprivileged children in rural areas and open a crèche when I am a qualified teacher,” Alisha said.
Although she describes the competition at the Miss Commonwealth SA 2016 pageant to be “tight”, Alisha is extremely confident of her capabilities, adding that Miss Commonwealth SA  will open doors for young ambassadors like herself who will create transformation in the country and bring about change for communities in need.
“As a finalist for Miss Commonwealth SA, I have been given the opportunity to become a charity ambassador, touch lives and make a change for the better.
I feel that this competition will give me the opportunity to showcase my potential and my personality.
I am confident that I can make a difference in the lives of the needy and be a role model to young women in the country as I shall use the platform of Miss Commonwealth to help, inspire, motivate, educate and bring hope to many,” Alisha said.
During this journey, Alisha has partnered with Thandanani Children’s Home Foundation to assist the needy and she has also hosted a high-tea event as a charity drive for a charitable foundation.
In order to win the competition, Alisha needs your help. The judges will be scoring her on aspects that include national costume, sportswear and evening wear as well as the amount of charity work she has done and the amount of likes that she received on her Facebook page. To view Alisha’s page, type in Alisha Jetu and click like to increase her chances of becoming Miss Commonwealth SA 2016.

Olivia Chetty

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