Lets learn to strike a balance

A few weeks ago it was reported that a child was recovering in hospital  after being knocked by a car. The child, it was further reported, had been running away from a dog. Days later learning was interrupted after an unknown bull came charging at learners in the premises of a local school. The two incidents reminded me of a personal experience in 2011 where I had to protect my two kids against an angry dog that charged at them without any provocation. Instinctively I took off my belt and moved towards the dog and in that instant the property and dog owner came out and asked why I had provoked her dog. Angrily I pointed out to her that we had been walking when the dog came out of the house, because the gate was opened.  The problem, in such instances, are not isolated but seem to be a common occurance not only in one’s neighbourhood, but in many parts of Pietermaritzburg, and I dare say, KwaZulu-Natal. It is everyone’s right to protect their property whether by installing an alarm system, getting a dog or even a snake for that matter. It is; however, another thing when the snake or dog moves out of the premises and starts attacking people who are enjoying a stroll or are making their way to school, a shop or work. Stray  cattle are a common sight in Pietermaritzburg, whether in Edendale, Northdale or even Prestbury. These animals have got owners who for one reason or the other have decided that the animals become a burden to someone else. So this one goes to parents, pet and livestock owners. March is Human Rights month, everyone recognizes that you  have rights, but please exercise responsibility over what is yours.

Sibosiso Mboto

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