Scholar patrol is needed instead of pesky letters

We have just been informed that the Newholmes Primary school gates will be closed at exactly 7:40am and late comers will not be tolerated. On numerous occassions children who have come in even two minutes after 7:40am have been given letters asking the parents to come to school. Our children leave home very early to make it to school on time, but the traffic in the city has increased incredibly. Drivers are inconsiderate and do not even allow the children to cross the road. Children, sometimes wait on the pavement for more than 15 minutes before they can cross. Some learners are so afraid of being late that they actually run across the road to get in before the gate is shut. The school, instead of wasting paper on newsletters, should employ a scholar patrol for the safety of the children. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
Concerned Parent

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