The sardines are here

Sardines netted on Thursday afternoon in Margate.

The sardines have finally arrived in KZN.


With the cold weather, KZN’s long-lost silver friends have finally made a much anticipated arrival.

The absence of the annual sardine run has been sorely missed but it appears that they are back in all their glory. Locals are extremely excited with the sighting and netting of the fish north of Hibberdene and on Margate beaches on Thursday afternoon.

According to the fish migrate from the colder waters of the Cape into the warm waters of the northern part of the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu-Natal. These fish have an insatiable appetite for plankton, drawing them close to the surface and leaving them ideal targets for predators such as sharks and other predatory fish.

Sardine Run South Africa reported that the shoals had arrived at about 2.30pm in the Margate and Uvongo area and making their way towards Durban.

The Sharks Board has issued a warning of the presence of sharks who follow the sardine shoal.

Let the Sardine Run begin.

Do you have a favourite sardine recipe or swear by grandma’s recipe? Share it with us.

Do you have any superstitions linked to the arrival of the sardines?

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