Yes! It does matter how we talk?

Dyer then goes on in the article to mention White people 7 times and in 5 of those ties the word to racism. She then mentions the Zulu teacher with no name and no grade class. Quite apart from a child not being taught Zulu and thus not knowing the persons name (the music teacher, the PE teacher etc.)

I can say I taught for many years-teachers were given grade classes wharever their race and taught a dozen different subjects. Race, religion and gender made no difference and management was equally representative. Racism, like many other things knows no bounds. If I may refer to two recent incidents:

1) The bank employee-was this a racist comment or could it be said it was an opinion?
Another employee at the same bank referred to whites having skins like pigs-racist or opinion? So let us discuss opinion and free speech. The DA member was punished for a post that said a previous Prime Minister was a better administrator than a present incumbent-racism or opinion,what about free speech?

2) A women refers to “monkeys”-not very wise. At the same time a government employee says whites should be treated like Hitler treated the Jews- opinion, hate speech or racism? I think we must treat others as we would like them to treat us and beware of seeing the splinter in our brothers eye and missing the log in our own eye. So in answer: Yes, it DOES matter how we talk and saying someone is not too bright is not an example of how we should be talking.

Andries Bisschoff

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