Every precious drop of water counts

It’s true that every drop counts and that is something we need to teach our children. In the next few months, we will most certainly feel the knock-on effect of the drought.

Already the price of vegetables has soared and the municipality will soon introduce water restrictions in Pietermaritzburg. While we are fortunate enough to receive some rain, let’s be pro-active about water saving measures instead of waiting for restrictions to be in place.

Adjust simple, everyday usage – like collecting rain water, collecting the water that runs as you wait for the water to heat before you shower, when using the toilet flush only if necessary, make use of indigenous plants in the garden that will survive little watering, collect bath water and recycle it.
There are several other ways to save water. It just requires some thought and a genuine need to conserve each precious drop.

Let’s start making a difference before it really is too late.

Maya Reddy

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