City Egrets Homeless after Sanctuary roost felled

The place where the trees have been cut down outside the Toyota dealership


I am quite sure they will roost in an adjacent tree.  So, what is to be done?  Cut down that tree too?   The bird sanctuary with all its birds and it’s lake have been part of the fabric of Pietermaritzburg ever since people can remember.  If we keep doing this to our flora and fauna the few beauty spots left in town will be devoid of life.

I am not against development by any means, but when we develop we should protect the natural resources that we invade.  When the area around the lake was developed there was a dead tree in the centre of the lake on which the egrets roosted.

This was cut down which instigated the migration of the egrets in search of a new home.  I have seen a photo from the early 1900s of this same tree in the lake. The egrets were happy and so were the fish and ducks who profited from the nourishment of the droppings.

Most people love birds so would it not be possible for the land owners of the business premises in the area, who have after all encroached on the area, to erect some eye pleasing structure which could be placed in or near the water where the egrets could settle.

Yours faithfully


City Egrets Homeless after Sanctuary roost felled


Monica Ashe  

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