Lest we forget

Amidst the resonance of sadness and grief, a sudden thought awakened me. I realized that in all this there was victory. Yes, victory in Vassie’s death. Vassie joined me in the Baijoo and Maharaj School, many years ago. Now, as I recall many colleagues have since passed on.

Being an educator is a challenging calling. The mental and physical strain always takes its toll. Many had to mortgage their time and life span often leading to an early demise. Retirement is a time of relief. Sadly, like Vassie, many teachers never lived long enough to reap their rewards.

The large turnout is perhaps indicative of the community at large who now appreciate the endurance educators have to bear. It is in this that victory lies.

At one time, teaching was regarded as a profession that enjoyed much nobility. Sadly, that decimated rapidly. Teachers have often been prisoners of bureaucracy requesting community support to release these chains. Rousseau a famous philosopher once said “man is born free but everywhere is bound in chains”.

To teachers who are dedicated and diligent, “Carpe Diem” (seize the day). Thank you too to those in the community for your support and understanding. Let there be victory by giving back to those teachers the nobility they so much deserve.

Browne Lalla

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