Getting behind our local Idol’s finalist

The Grade 5's at the Maritzburg Christian School show their support to the top two Idols finalist, Noma Noxolo Khumalo.

The city of Pietermaritzburg now waits with baited breath for the Sunday’s season twelve finale of Idols 2016, to see if the voice of their beloved local student teacher will be crowned as the 2016  South African Idols winner.

And if this songbird brings home the title, she joins the ranks of another city singer Vincent Bones who clinched the title in 2014.

“It sounds impossible to win considering how so many people audition and want to be the next Idol in South Africa but I would like to pursue that soon,” wrote Noma prophetically in her yearbook back in 2012.

Unfazed by her accomplishment, 22-year-old Noma said she still cannot believe that she is one of two finalists.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity and I have no words to describe how I feel. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I am in the top two of Idols,” Noma said.

Born in Empangeni and currently residing in Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, Noma has definitely been seen as the most popular girl around according to Maritzburg Christian School’s Head of Department, Janine Hinde.

Described as an extremely bubbly, vivacious personality, Noma is said to have a passion for singing from the age of seven when she started singing for her pre-school graduations.

Speaking to the Maritzburg Sun on Tuesday, Noma said her journey into music began when she auditioned for the school choir. Holding the position of worship leader with the MCC’s band, Noma has always been admired for her stunning voice.

Attending the school since 2008 and appointed head girl in 2012 because of her out-going and infectious personality, Hinde said Noma possessed “such good character, strong faith and was an amazing leader”.

Having joined the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Youth Choir in 2012, Noma has had the opportunity of performing for the Queen at Buckingham Palace as part of the choir’s trip to England.

Returning to the school as a student teacher where she teaches isiZulu, mathematics and choir, it was only through the persistent encouragement from her grade five pupils, that Noma mustered her courage and entered the Idol’s competition.

She said those pupils have been her “biggest inspiration, encouraging her to follow her dreams in the music industry”.

“My grade five learners have been so supportive and encouraging throughout this journey. They keep telling me ‘You can do this!’ They have challenged me to go this far. I didn’t think that I would make it in the competition but I kept pushing myself to show the children that anything is possible with hard work and dedication,” said Noma.

Noma’s father, Muntu Khumalo, a magistrate at the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court said while he was aware of her talent, he had not envisaged that she would go this far in her musical career.

“Noma surprised me when she told me that she had received a golden ticket for Idols this year because I had no idea that she had auditioned. She was afraid of disappointing me if she did not make it therefore she did not tell me. We are all behind her and just know that whatever happens, she has done us proud,” said Muntu.

Expressing his delight with the support received locally, Muntu said he was “so happy for Noma and I want to thank the people of Pietermaritzburg and South Africa for supporting her”.

“We love Noma and we want the best for her. We maintain the standards that she has set for herself and succeed and achieve all the goals in her life,” said the doting father.

Admitting that she is nervous about Sunday, Noma, is currently touring the country and finding time in between to learn songs and practice for the big night.

Grateful for all the love and support she has received, Noma thanked her family, friends and fans.

“My family is my number one fans. They travel to Pretoria for all my performances and leave back to Pietermaritzburg in the early hours of the morning to make it back in time for work.  I really do take my hat off to my parents for supporting me through this journey. I also want to say thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here,” said Noma.

Noma sees a future in the music industry and would like to make music her full time career.

To vote for Noma Khumalo, SMS 04 to 37400, or vote for free on WeChat. Voting lines close at 10pm on Thursday (November 24th). The winner will be announced on Sunday at 5pm on DSTV Msanzi Magic.

Olivia Chetty

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