ANC candidates have proven track record

Freedom struggle stalwart and current minister of finance Pravin Gordhan said, “We are strong enough, resilient enough and creative enough to manage and overcome our economic challenges…the remarkable thing about the ANC is that somewhere in its genes, it is able to find the right answers at the right time”.
This remark takes me back to 2010 when the city found itself in financial turmoil and was placed under administration.
The then chairman of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal and premier of the province Dr. Zweli Mkhize together with his colleagues in the party and in cabinet replaced the top leadership of the Msunduzi Municipality. It was a bold and radical move that derived from the conditions at the time.
That decision of the ANC put in place measures that subsequently resulted in Msunduzi Municipality accomplishing a remarkable turnaround by becoming not only financially stable but achieving significant accolades including its first ever clean audit in the last financial year and presenting the best Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the last three successive years.
In 2014, we adopted a 30 year vision for the city, informed by the National Development Plan and the KZN Provincial Growth and Development Strategy. We are moving forward.
Your vote has become very important to the DA.  In 2011, your vote gave the DA five of the fifteen seats they hold. These seats did not increase the power of the DA as there are 73 seats in our council. The DA remains an opposition party with no influence whatsoever.
They have not supported a single IDP, budget policy or budget in the last five years.
The burning question that voters need to ask ahead of local government elections in August is ‘What development has the DA brought to the nine wards out of 37 that they occupy?’ It’s a simple question with a simple answer – nothing!
Moving from the “Fight Back [Black]” campaign of 1999, the DA’s tactics remain the same. It is a “Nail the ANC Campaign”. Winston Churchill once said: “If you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks, you will never reach your destination”.
The DA’s tactics this year focuses on the DA brand, not on their candidates. This is not surprising since most of their candidates are unknowns. In contrast ANC ward candidates are well-known individuals who have a track record of working in their communities.
The DA has, opportunistically, selected mayoral candidates of “Indian” origin in cities that have large “Indian” populations. Regrettably, the voter who falls for this race tactic will still be left with ward councillors with no experience and no credibility to influence the ANC majority in the city council.
When the elections have come and gone the DA will pack up its road show and the party’s mayoral candidate will quietly slip out of town and return to the National Council of Provinces [NCOP] in Cape Town, leaving residents to fend for themselves.
The mathematics is simple. The ANC will win at least 34 of 39 wards in Msunduzi Municipality and will have a clear majority in the new council.
The ANC will elect an ANC mayor, deputy mayor, speaker, deputy speaker, chief whip and executive committee.  The ANC will also control the budget.
The ANC has selected candidates who have strong linkages with the Congress tradition and who are deeply rooted in their wards and communities. This is what counts.
This is what matters. Our candidates live in their wards, understand the challenges residents face because they face the same challenges too.
Our candidates are men and women who have the respect and credibility to ensure their voices are heard in the city council and that their input positively impacts on their wards.
Babu Baijoo is a member of the ANC and the current Speaker of the Msunduzi Municipality. He writes in his personal capacity.

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