Landslide victory for ANC in Msunduzi

This means that the ANC has a total of 52 seats which include Proportional Representation seats while the other nine wards were captured by the Democratic Alliance (DA) which will have 15 seats. The IEC also informed parties that objections and complaints received on August 3 had been referred to the commission headquarters in Pretoria.
DA representative Ludwig Winterbach said the party was preparing a document on the recent elections.
“We hope that the report will assist in how future elections are held,” said Winterbach.  Independent candidates expressed reservations over the IEC’s decision to announce the election results while a decision was pending in ward 35.
“We find it odd that you give a proclamation on the outcome when we have recorded our displeasure on how the poll was conducted and in addition you refer the matter to Pretoria when it is in fact a local problem,” said one independent candidate.
The IEC’s Thuthukani Ngobese said while they had recorded the complaints, the law allowed for the process to continue. “We are guided by timeframes and should the decision be made that there is a by-election owing to problems highlighted by complainants then we will do that, but until then the process continues,” said  Ngobese.
Speaking to Maritzburg Sun yesterday IEC Regional Supervisor Khulekani Mdadane revealed that the election results will be gazetted today and parties were expected to provide written submissions on which of their members would be at the local municipality and those who would represent them at district level.
“We expect parties to conclude this process before the first sitting of council,” said Mdadane.  The date for the first sitting of council where office bearers including Speaker and Mayor will be elected could not be confirmed but it is believed that it will be within the next two weeks.
PARTIES                                                                               NUMBER OF SEATS
African Christian
Democratic Party-      1
African National
Congress-           52
African Independent
Congress         1
Al-Jamaah           1
Economic Freedom
Fighters           3
Democratic Alliance         15
Inkatha Freedom Party          5

African National
Congress-          13
Democratic Alliance-            3
Economic Freedom
Fighters-         1
Inkatha Freedom
Party –                    1

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