Hilton residents again without power and water

Frustrated Hilton residents who are again with without water and electricity for lengthy periods have lambasted the municipality for failing to inform them of such cuts so they could make alternate arrangements.
“This has been quite exasperating for residents,” said re-elected ward councillor Craig Millar. He explained that the water outages were as a result of pipes bursting simultaneously due to the increased air pressure build-up in the system when the water supply was re-instated after being shut down. The water supply is being restricted as a result of the drought.
The main areas affected are Park Lane, Leonards drive and Groenekloof road, where water is switched off between 21:30 pm and turned back on at 4 am daily.
As if not having water wasn’t bad enough, residents have also been plagued with power outages as a result of the lines being cut in order to work on installing new infrastructure.
“There is a lack of planning from the municipality with regard to the installation of infrastructure, especially the fact that the residents were not made aware of the fact that they will be experiencing power outages. It is the municipality’s sole responsibility to inform the residents of these outages that will affect the daily activities of residents and businesses in the area. When you call the call centres at the municipality, you cannot even get through,” Millar expressed.
He said the municipality was acting in “crisis management” as they were “just sending technicians to fix the pipes”, but to no avail as pipes just keep bursting on a regular basis.
“Hilton has experienced these issues for years, but of late they have increased at an alarming rate,” Craig explained, adding that the outages were negatively impacting on the local economy as many businesses were not able to work effectively without water or electricity.
“These outages have the potential to squeeze local businesses dry if they continue in their duration and without prior warning,” said the concerned councillor.
Mbali Ndlovu, spokesperson for the uMgungundlovu Municipality, that supplies water to the Hilton area confirmed that the burst water pipes have interfered with the water supply to Hilton and apologised. She said that residents would be informed as soon as the pipes were repaired.
“uMgungundlovu municipality profusely apologises for the inconvenience caused. We urge our citizens to call our 24 hour call centre 0800864911 for all water and sewerage queries and updates,” Ndlovu said.
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Jade le Roux

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