DA councillor removed from Exco

Naidoo confirmed her removal from Exco but refrained from commenting further.
“I wish to remain silent on the matter, as it is a party decision and it is a matter involving the different parties,” said Naidoo, who will, however, remain as a Msunduzi councillor.
Mergen Chetty, the DA’s KZN deputy leader and uMzinyathi Constituency MP said Naidoo’s removal was based on internal DA processes.
Following the news of the removal of Naidoo – the Northern suburbs DA Exco representative – social media was abuzz with criticism that “Indian names” were used prior to the election as bait to garner support from the much-sought after Indian community, only to abandon those candidates after the elections.
People took to the SAMREM WhatsApp group to voice their views, saying that it was “sad” that the DA’s campaign has removed all representation from the Northern areas in Exco.
“First, Mergan Chetty as a mayor failed, and now they have removed Naidoo too. The Indian’s support and vote was abused . Northern areas do not have any representation in the executive structures of the council anymore,” the message read.
Mergan responded on the group questioning why no one has asked the ANC about their representation, seeing that they have seven seats in Exco while the DA only has two.
“You are quick to criticise the DA yet your silence on the very same issues is deafening,” Chetty said, adding that the DA had never run a campaign promising that a particular candidate would be elected onto the Exco.
“We have not made these promises so no one should feel that we are abandoning them. Exco positions can only be determined after an election and the number of seats allocated to a party then,” said Chetty, who questioned why no eyebrows were raised over the removal of ANC members Manilal Inderjith from Exco and Babu Baijoo as the Speaker.                                                                                                                                                                                                     “It is of concern to me that there was no uproar when ANC’s Manilall Inderjith was removed from Exco and Babu Baijoo as speaker. It’s a different story, however, when the DA removes someone,” said Chetty, who would not be drawn into specific reasons for Naidoo’s removal.
Ex Msunduzi speaker, Babu Baijoo whose term was not renewed in the recent elections said the DA “had failed the Northern areas.”
“Power comes from the ballot box. The Northern areas voted over willingly for the DA, and yet the DA has failed to represent them. How can you give them a representative that they did not vote for?” Baijoo commented emphasising the fact the he and Inderjith are not part of the council because they were not voted for.
“Northern areas form a great majority of rate payers. They gave their mandate to the DA to represent them, and now they don’t have representation from the area in Exco,” Baijoo explained.
Chetty assured that regardless of who the councillors were, the DA would represent the Northern communities. “All DA councillors will be driving the Northern areas’ issues in all of their respective committees,” he said.
Jaiheen Singh, who previously stood as DA councillor for the last five years before running as an Independent councillor in the recent elections, said Indian candidates were again used to lure the Indian vote and ditched thereafter.
He said from his experience he could recall that Naidoo has previously been bench marked for the Exco position in 2011, only to be side-lined by Mergan Chetty.
“Now I see a similar pattern emerging when once again Naleni is removed (from Exco) shortly after being appointed,” Singh commented.
DA Exco Leader Jerome Sibongiseni Majola said the DA decided to appoint McArthur in Exco because of his “many years of dedicated service to the DA.”
Naidoo, has been a long-standing DA member and served as ward councillor for over four years.

Jade le Roux

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