Dog stolen and sold for Whoonga

Bright Sibisi's beloved pet Kessie, who was stolen from her car by a beggar in Pietermaritzburg and sold for whonga. Sibisi is desperately trying to find Kessie.

Bright Sibisi had recently driven into town to fetch medication from a local hospital and left her Jack Russell named Kessie in the car while she ran in. She returned a few minutes later but Kessie had disappeared.
“I was shocked to see my dog gone in such a short space of time. I panicked and began asking around. A vagrant told Sibisi that the dog had been snatched out of her car by “White people” even though her car had been locked. The vagrant told her that the dog was given to a ‘notorious’ beggar who goes by the name of ‘Tevin’.
Sibisi then went to Loop Street police station where she opened a charge of theft and then ventured out into the streets to track down Tevin, not knowing what danger awaited her.
“I drove to West Street that night, asking people of his whereabouts. I later discovered that he had moved to Northdale. My husband and I eventually tracked him down and we handed him over to the police. He confessed that he had sold the dog to someone from Woodlands in exchange for Whoonga,” said Sibisi.
After hearing that her dog was sold to someone in the Woodlands area, Sibisi printed posters of the missing dog and pasted it in the area. Despite their desperate attempts to be reunited with their pet, the only people who contacted her were con artists wanting to extort money from the family.
The Pietermaritzburg Animal Rescue and Re-Home group said that there has been an increase in missing dogs around the city, especially in the northern areas and cautioned pet owners to be vigilant. The group said dogs were being stolen to be used in dog fighting or to extort ransom money from owners.
Chavonne Chetty, one of the founding members of the group, said dog fighting rings were becoming more common and appealed to law enforcement to help crack down on the illegal blood sport.
“They steal any dog, even small dogs and they train them to become extremely vicious. The theft of pets, especially dogs is a very serious problem.
We are hoping that someone from the law enforcement who is passionate about animals can come on board and assist us in ending this growing problem,” Chetty said.
Another member of the group Eve Chengan confirmed that all leads were being followed in an attempt to reunite Kessie with her owners but so far nothing has come of their investigations.
Mountain Rise police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Joshua Maistry said that the police take dog theft seriously.
“These pets are their owners’ property. If anyone steals someone’s dog, it is a crime and the police will investigate,” he added.
Maistry further stated that people reporting dog thefts should provide a detailed description of the animal and possible leads to assist in the investigation.
“Ever since Kessie was take we feel a void in our hearts and in our home,” said Sibisi urging anyone with information to contact her on 079 214 9908.

Kaitlyn Rajah

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