I was ashamed of what I did to the doctor

Ravijee Soni

Earlier this week, state witnesses Mariamma Kisten and Sabelo ‘Advocate’ Dlamini were recalled for cross-examination by Soni’s new defence team.

The state has indicted Soni on murder charges accusing him of unleashing a campaign of terror against Sewram and eventually allegedly planning and paying for the doctor’s murder.

The state alleges that Soni embarked on his campaign of terror against Sewram whom he suspected was having an affair with his wife Kerusha.

Under cross-examination by defence advocate Jimmy Howes, Kisten said she was ashamed of laying a false charge of sexual assault against Dr Bhavish Sewram, and that she only agreed to do so because she was desperate for money.

“I’m not a person that would lie, I only did it because I was desperate for the money, I had found myself in a terrible financial situation and my husband persuaded me that this would a way out of it,” she explained. She said she was never paid the whole R30 000 as promised; instead she received an amount between R5000 and R7000, however the exact amount she can’t recall.

When Howes asked why she hadn’t asked for the rest of the amount owing to her, she said she didn’t ask for more because she was ashamed and knew “what (she) did was wrong.”

The second witness recalled for cross examination was self-confessed hitman Sabelo ‘Advocate’ Dlamini who is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the murder.

Dlamini said he was commissioned by Wiseman Nxumalo and former policeman Brian Treasurer to shoot Sewram outside his Raisethorpe surgery. He said that Nxumalo had initially explained to him that he wanted Sewram murdered because of a dispute over grass cutting but that when he went to Nxumalo’s house he was introduced to Treasurer who gave him a firearm and then drove him and Nxumalo to Sewram’s surgery with an instruction to shoot the doctor as he left the surgery.

Dlamini testified that after shooting Sewram he and Nxumalo met Treasurer at an agreed spot. He said while Treasurer was driving them home he made a short cell phone call outside Copesville Primary School.

Both Nxumalo and Treasurer were in earlier separate trials found guilty for their respective roles in the murder of Sewram. Treasurer has not been recalled as a witness. The defence team has also recalled state witness and former policeman Sugen Naidoo for re-examination. He will be cross-examined tomorrow (Friday).

Apart from the murder charge the state has also indicted Soni on the following charges: defeating the ends of justice, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to murder. Sewram, a father of two, was shot dead on May 13, 2013 while leaving his surgery.

Jade le Roux

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