Shock arrest expected in school abuse scandal

Former school counsellor Darren Goddard fourth bail application has succeeded

In an exclusive interview with Maritzburg Sun the former senior educator denied any involvement in the child abuse scandal saying he was ‘shocked’ when the allegations surfaced. The educator said he cooperated fully with the police.
On Monday guidance counsellor Darren Goddard was indicted in the High Court facing 10 charges of rape and child abuse. Referring to the imminent arrest of the new suspect state prosecutor Rene Padayachee told the court that the prosecution had separated one charge from the original charge sheet as the state intended adding a co-accused to the charge.
The senior educator is expected to be arrested within the next few days with the state intending to have him in the dock next to Goddard when the case resumes in the latter part of February.
After three failed bail bids Goddard has now been in custody for over eight months.
The state has brought a total of ten counts of rape and sexual abuse alleged to have taken place at the school where he was employed.
The eight alleged victims are aged between five and eleven years old.
The indictment states that Goddard was employed at the school as a guidance counsellor from 2011 to 2016. His duties included providing counselling for learners with behavioural and educational difficulties, providing feedback to their parents/guardians and compiling reports.
To perform his duty, he used a private office at the school. The victims, according to the indictment, were pupils at the primary school who were being counselled for various behavioural and educational difficulties.
The indictment further states that it was procedure for Goddard to fetch the pupils from their classrooms and take them to his office. According to the indictment, it is alleged that there were various occasions where Goddard fetched the boys on the pretext of counselling them but inappropriately touched them sexually or raped them.
Goddard intends lodging another bail appeal to the High Court.

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