Breaking News: Lincoln Meade woman attacked

A Lincoln Meade woman in her late 50’s was tied up with a phone cord after robbers forcibly entered her home on Wednesday.

The captured woman was spotted by a couple passing by her house around two pm on Wednesday and notified security company, PMB security.

It is alleged that the victim had been having problems with her electricity supply and the suspects took advantage of the matter. It is believed she was grabbed from behind  as she parked her car, bound by her hands and feet and then locked inside her home.

Security boss Mary Ann Jeffery says the security company’s control desk was notified and responded immediately to find the  bound-up woman in a torn duvet that was used to restrict her movement. Her mouth had been stuffed with a face cloth and duct tape so she couldn’t scream for help.

“The woman, while bound in the duvet, had to  move a fairly long distance  where she had been left in her room to be in a visible area where she could be spotted for help”, said Jeffery.

SAPS spokesperson Mthokozisi Ngobese said the robbers had threatened to “rape and kill” her if she protested.  The robbers managed to get away with jewellery and a Samsung phone, and were still at large.

PMB security company and SAPS have urged the public to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times.

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