SA visa-free travel to EU still a possibility

Visa-free travel in the EU is still very much a possibility according to the Department of Home Affairs. They told Business Tech that the proposal for visa-free travel was still in the works.

How would it work?

South African business travelers would be able to get multiple-entry visas and leisure travelers would get full exemptions.

Last year, Gigaba said that the new regulations could be introduced as early as March 2017 but home affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete has confirmed that the process is still underway.

What about UK travel?

With the United Kingdom opting out of the European Union, many have been worried about what that will mean for South Africans travelling to the UK and Europe. South Africans would still have to apply for a UK visa as the visa-free travel proposal would not include it.

However in November 2016, South Africa’s British High Commission spokesperson, Isabel Potgieter, said that there were no current plans to change the UK visa requirement for South Africans.

According to Potgieter, in the year ending June 2016, 98% of South Africans who applied for a UK visa were successful in their applications and 99% of all visit visa applications were processed within their global service standard of 15 working days.

Here is a visa requirement map:

For a full list of countries and their SA visa requirements, click here.

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