Resident fed-up with overgrown field used by criminals

To make matters worse the ward councillor for the area says the municipality is also battling to cut the grass because its own equipment was also pinched by thieves recently.
Neville Du Preez says he is “fed-up” calling the municipality’s call centre, lodging complaints and getting reference numbers.
His biggest fear is that criminals who lurk in the cover of the overgrown field may invade his home when his wife is alone at home.
“I’ve called in several times but nothing has been attended to all I receive are reference numbers” says Du Preez.
He said the vacant overgrown field gives criminals the opportunity to operate without being seen.
“They planned their crime carefully because they knew exactly when nobody would be present in the house. So they are using this field to hide and monitor the property.
I suspect they gained access by jumping over the wall,” said Du Preez.
He says the burglars had intended to break into the house by removing the putty from the windows but were unsuccessful. Instead they fled with his lawnmower which was chained to a tree, his garden hose and other gardening implements.
Du Preez says that he and his family have been fortunate enough not to be present whilst the robbery commenced, as he fears for the safety of his family, more specifically his unemployed wife that is home most of the day. “I’ve had several break-ins before, and it’s just a matter of time before it escalates, I just fear for my wife’s safety,” he said.
Councillor for Ward 26 Ross Strachan says that the matter needs attention but says even the city’s park’s department is battling after its own grass cutting equipment was stolen in a robbery in February.
Municipality spokesperson Thobeka Mafumabatha said the delay in service delivery was regretted.
She said that crime was impacting service delivery and that this could not be tolerated. She however pleaded with residents to be patient as the city was replacing the stolen equipment.

Bongeka Sibisi

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