Goddard awaits outcome of fourth bail application

Former school counsellor Darren Goddard fourth bail application has succeeded

Goddard is facing 10 counts of rape and child abuse.
Judge Sidwell Bongani Mngadi who led proceedings, narrowed down the defence’s focus to demonstrate “extreme circumstances” for the court to grant the application.
The State has repeatedly cautioned the court that releasing Goddard posed a threat to witnesses, some of them young children, and, that the state considered him a flight risk.
However, defence Advocate Brad Osborne argued that Goddard posed no risk to witnesses as he would reside with his parents outside the district of Pietermaritzburg which he said would make it “difficult for him to interfere with witnesses”.
Urged the court to reconsider the general provisions of granting bail, such as ‘the consideration of just cause for continued detention’.
“The case has been proceeding at a limping pace,” Osborne protested presenting the court a timeline of when witness statements and DNA reports were submitted.
“The appellant is suffering extreme prejudice,” said Osborne adding that the defence team were still awaiting the case docket.
The state responded by arguing that all three previous judicial officers considered all the arguments and correctly applied their minds before deciding on denying Goddard bail.
The state reiterated that the case was following due process and that the pace of some of the investigative procedures were out of the state’s control.
Goddard’s legal team asked the court to release their client on bail of between R5000 and R10 000.
Judge Mngadi said he would deliver his verdict once he has considered the arguments.

Bongeka Sibisi

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