City woman bakes her way to success

The self-taught baker left her bookkeeping job at an estate agency to pursue her passion in 2005.She initially began baking for her two sons and for family birthdays but word quickly spread about her distinctive cakes that ‘taste as good as they look’.
“For me what matters most is not just the satisfaction of people admiring the creations but equally enjoying the tastes and textures. So it is about both how the cake looks and how it tastes,” says Anthia.
As a self-taught ‘Cake Boss’, Anthia has spent hours pursuing her passion and honing her skills eventually gathering the confidence to quit her 8am-5pm job and follow her dreams. She is also following in the footsteps of her grandfather who was also a baker and although she still uses some of his favourite recipes, the technology has become much more advanced.
“I still use some his techniques but obviously technology has improved so I have adjusted some of his methods,” she said. While she gets inspiration for her designs from nature or even from childrens’ books, she always encourages customers to add a personal touch to their cakes.
“I always sit down with the customer and ask them a few questions to gain inspiration and create an order that will best represent them and their occasion,” she says. From there she allows her artistic creativity to takeover and does all of the baking and the arrangements from her kitchen at home.
“I mold all figurines, I mix my own colours and I do everything to keep the process as personal as I can to ensure a home-baked product. I believe this also contributes to the quality of the products,” she added.
Anthia bakes cakes for every occasion but at times certain clients make rather unusual requests which leave her either red faced or having a good laugh, especially when it comes to bachelorette parties.
“Some of the cakes are quiet, should I say literal. They leave very little to the imagination, so we always have a good laugh over that,” she laughs.
As word of her culinary talents has spread so too has her business grown and today she receives order from throughout KwaZulu-Natal. The astute entrepreneur is now looking forward to embracing further growth in her business.
“I recently started a Facebook page so people can see my cakes and have very recently started experimenting with gluten free cakes to accommodate various people’s dietary needs,” she says. Earlier this year she won a local cake building competition which has boosted her determination to take her baking to another level.
To place orders or to see more of Anthia’s work visit her facebook page Cakeartbyanthia or call 071 442 5635.

Thembalethu Zakwe

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