City residents to join protest

The ACM’s protest is geared to coincide with similar civil society protests across the country, including one at national treasury in Pretoria that will be followed by a march to the Union Buildings.

Even though the city has not granted permission for the gathering the ACM’s Roshan Jainath said the protest will go ahead saying the organisation intends handing over a memorandum to Mayor Themba Njilo.

“The key issue that needs to be addressed is economic stability since the decisions made by the president have proven to be reckless and have impacted on all of society, particularly the poor and other vulnerable sectors who are exposed to rising living costs and interests rates. The consequences for us as a society are devastating,” said Jainath adding that the ACM was non-political.

Jainath explained that the ACM did approach the city for permission to hold the gather but officials responded that applications must be submitted seven days in advance of such a gathering.

“Under ordinary circumstances we would certainly wish to abide by the rules and we did appeal to the city to give us a right of appeal to motivate why they should waiver the seven day rule. However our request was not even considered,” said Jainath. He said given the gravitas of the crisis facing the country and to ensure alignment with similar national protests, the ACM is going ahead with the

Meanwhile the PCB’s Melanie Vaness she intends allowing PCB staff to participate in the protest and she herself intends making her voice heard.

“ I have been inundated with messages requesting clarity on whether there will be a local protest on Friday or not; and whether business owners should let their staff have time off to protest.

“Protests of this nature need to be inclusive and should be led by Civil Society.   I have confirmed that protest action is being planned for Pietermaritzburg on Friday…People have different views, so it is up to every business owner to decide whether or not to allow their employees to protest or not. I, personally, intend to make my voice heard and I will allow my staff to take part if they choose to do so,” she said in a letter to PCB members.

Meanwhile the ACDP confirmed that it too will be joining Friday’s protests.

“We will be participating as an act of democracy to vocalise our concerns with the current situation in the country,” said the party’s Francis Bradley.

Bongeka Sibisi

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