Party-goers litter Howick Falls

Empty beer bottles, food wrappers and containers, and other garbage was left strewn about an area often frequented by tourists and overseas visitors.

The area’s regular vendors and walkers were horrified to see the mess on Sunday morning. A community initiative of local volunteers, vendors and tenants, has seen a huge improvement in the area recently, with regular clean-ups and gardening efforts helping to make it more attractive and cleaner for visitors.

Although there are signs prohibiting loud music, public drinking and littering, month-end, said one local, was always a nightmare.

“It becomes a drinking hangout on weekends, particularly at the end of the month. This is not good for tourism, but at least people can try to behave better,” she said.

Bollards have been erected around Goddard Park to deter weekend partygoers from driving their cars on to the grass: these are removed at month end for the Sunday craft market. These obstacles have helped reduce the dangerous habit of show-off drivers “spinning do-nuts” in their cars and endangering the lives of not just themselves but innocent passers-by as well.


Peta Lee

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