Water restrictions over long weekend

Depicted: Midmar dam overflows on Tuesday, 18 March.
Midmar dam

Umgeni Water issued a statement this wek advising that water restrictions remain in place for the city as water consumption over the weekend is expected to rise considerably.

This was due to the fact , according to Umgeni Water, that an increase in weather temperature coupled with people spending more time at their homes led to an increase in water usage.

“During holidays there is a visible spike in water consumption as people are at home participating in various activities, such as extensive household chores that requires great quantities of water,” said  said Shami Harichunder, Umgeni Water’s corporate stakeholder manager.

Mandatory water restrictions have been put into place after an alarming water shortage at the Midmar Dam and Albert Falls Dam. The water shortage caused by the spiralling effect of a lack of rainfall over the past four years, causing the province’s dams to empty is of concern.

Harichunder said current dam levels would not sustain the demand coupled with this month’s below average rainfall.
Current Dam Levels

System Dam Capacity
Million m3
Percentage Outflow
Mooi/Mgeni System Albert Falls Dam 290.1 36.53 % 4.31 0.0
Inanda Dam 251.6 65.99 % 0.54 0.0
Mearns Dam 5.11 97.17 % 24.0
Midmar Dam 235.4 76.37 % 0.31 5.5
Nagle Dam 24.6 61.43 % 0.0
Spring Grove 139.5 84.26 % 0.33 30.0


South African Weather Services forecaster Ashram Sardiwalla said due to upper air troughs across the country, there will be cloudy and scattered showers into the city during the Easter weekend bringing much relief to the warm weather that has been persistent over the past two weeks.

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