Broker’s gruelling barefoot Comrades attempt

On his fifth attempt at the prestigious Comrades marathon, and second time running barefoot, Wells will be raising funds for a Copesville church called Jesus centre.
“I’ve visited the church several times through their feeding scheme initiatives and I realised that there’s more that I can do”, said Wells.
He says that the idea of running barefoot is not to focus attention on him, but to merely draw attention to the hardships that less fortunate face on a daily basis.
“It’s not about donating huge amounts of money, the little that anyone has can go a long way, whether it may be tin food or clothing, it makes a difference,” he said.g

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Currently the Jesus centre feeds approximately 200 children in the daily feeding scheme programme, and lacks basic infrastructure to continue with housing the children and providing a warm meal every day.
“The church has a tent for a roof and doesn’t have enough room to provide permanent accommodation for the homeless and poor children living in the Copesville area”, said Wells.
Wells admits that the training process has been immensely challenging, as he needs to get used to his running conditions.
“My feet need to get used to the road surface therefore I run without my shoes. Like any physical training it is taxing but it is worth it knowing that there is a positive gain of the hard work” he added.
He has urged people not to look at his attempt to raise funds as another passing in the wind fundraiser but as a “society building” effort.
Well’s journey to the Comrades marathon that will be held on June 4 can be followed on www. where donation can also be made.

Bongeka Sibisi

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