These holidays: 11 things that can make travelling easier

1. Inflatable travel pillow

If you are going to be travelling on a bus, plane or train for long periods, a travel pillow will make sleeping much more comfortable.

2. Notebook and pen

These come in handy for making lists and notes before and during your trip. You can also use it for important addresses and telephone numbers as well as for journaling, route plans and special places you want to visit. It also comes in handy when when your cellphone battery has died.

3. Tiger Balm

Traveling can wreak havoc on your muscles, neck and back from sleeping wrong or from walking too far. Tiger Balm soothes bruises and aching muscles. You can also use Tiger Balm on bug bites for the itch.

4. A good book or two

One of the best ways to remember a book is to remember where you were when you read it. Reading books that transport you to other worlds – be it in time or space – adds spice to your trip. This year is the 20th anniversary of Hogwarts entering our lives. How about revisiting your favourite Harry Potter book.

5. Flip flops

If you want to avoid getting athlete’s foot, don’t shower without these in any shower other than your own.

6. Sanitising wipes

Having wipes handy, solves the problems of germs and sticky or greasy hands when there isn’t a bathroom nearby.

7. A scarf

This goes for any destination, no matter the weather conditions. A scarf protects against cold airconditioners on airplanes. It can serve as a towel, beach-dress, emergency bag and can shield your head from the sun. It can cover your eyes during a nap, keep your hair off your face or protect your nose and mouth from severe dust or bad odours.

8. Citronella oil

Made from lemongrass, citronella oil is an ancient remedy that wards off mosquitos and insects as well as disinfecting and treating stings and bites. It also has antifungal properties.

9. Zip lock bags

Zip lock bags of assorted sizes are great for snacks, toiletries, leftover food, rocks and shells that you’ve collected and to protect valuables like, passports, phones and electronic devices when at the beach or in wet conditions.

10. Dental floss

If you like meat, and it tends to get caught in the gaps between your teeth, don’t get caught without it. Always keep a spare in your bag.

11. Portable charger or spare battery for your phone

With our super-dependency on our cellphones or smart phones, it’s a good idea to have an extra charged battery or a portable charger handy.

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