Granny held for herbalist’s kidnapping

But now, the herbalist, known as Chief Patrick, who had consulting rooms in Church Street, is missing since June 6, 2017 – the day he had been lured to the grandmother’s home.

Police have been searching for him since then and now fear that he might be dead. While admitting that the herbalist was badly beaten up with a hammer and other implements at her home, the grandmother is adamant that he left her house alive with her boyfriend and his friends.

The grandmother has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. She has not yet appeared in court and therefore cannot be named. A source confirmed the content of the confession she made to a magistrate.

“He was alive and talking when these 4 guys took him. He even agreed to pay or give them his white Mercedes Benz that he had arrived at the house with,” said the pensioner.

The grandmother, who recently retired and was in receipt of her pension payout, said she had met with the herbalist in 2016 via her boyfriend and he was going to treat her illness – a stroke and back problems.

She said she had paid him the R130 000 by doing transfers from her account of two R50 000 deposits and then a R30 000 deposit.

“He then promised to make my money double. He kept asking for more and more money. I believed him and I was stupid to do so. Then on June 6, I phoned him and told him to come see me at my place. My boyfriend arranged for his friends to come to my place.

Upon arrival the unsuspecting herbalist was harassed and questioned as to the whereabouts of the pensioner’s money. When the healer stated that he did not have the money he was then attacked by the four men with a hammer and other objects.

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“He was kicked and hit with a hammer and other objects. He was bleeding profusely from his head and had bruises all over his body. He was alive. He was tied up with cable ties and they left him there for a couple of hours. They kept demanding for the money but he said he could not return it, “said the grandmother.

She said while she did not get physically involved in the assault, the men continued to assault him sporadically in an attempt to get the money.

“I then became scared and asked them to stop. I had wanted them to scare him into returning the money. I didn’t expect such an assault to take place. These men also took my two cellphones as well as Patrick’s,” said the pensioner.

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She said after one of the men called someone on their cellphone, a white car came and picked them up.“They carried Patrick into the car. He agreed to pay or give me his car. He was alive and talking. I don’t know what they did with the body…I mean with him….I don’t know what happened. I hope he is alive, “said the woman in her confession.

Police confirmed they were investigating a case of kidnapping and assault; while they continue their search for the missing herbalist.

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