Brave car guard saves the day

Jerome Majora who is originally from Johannesburg moved to Pietermaritzburg looking to make an honest living. On July 24, Majora spotted three men who pretending to be in line at an FNB ATM, waiting for customers to use the ATM, and then pretending to assist them and switch their bank cards. “They acted like they wanted to withdraw money.
When the other customer tried to withdraw, two of the three guys stood next to the customer swiping the cards and ran off,” the car guard recalled.
Once the customer realised that the bank card had been swiped with an invalid card and started receiving notifications of deductions from his bank account, the three suspects fled in a VW polo on the wrong side of the road.

Polly shorts Pick ‘n Pay manager Daniel De Jesus and car guards, who did not want to show their faces for fear of victimization discussing security measures

In an attempt to stop the suspect’s vehicle, Majora held onto the window of the moving vehicle, demanding the card scammers to stop.
“I just jumped and held onto the window, the three guys kept telling me to let go before they hurt me,” he shared. Assistance came when an off-duty policeman noticed the vehicle exiting on the incorrect side of the road and the man hanging on to the window.Sergeant Dennes attempted to stop vehicle but it sped off. A chase ensued with police cornering the vehicle on the N3 near Ashburton.The three occupants were then arrested.

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Alexandra Road SAPS spokeswoman Kholeka Mhlongo confirmed that the three suspects were arrested and charged for common robbery.
Majora and a fellow car guard who did not want to be named, fearing victimisation, told the Maritzburg Sun that crime had become rife at the shopping centre with ATM scamming and pick pocketing being the main issues.

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Polly Shorts Pick ‘n Pay manager Daniel De Jesus said the centre was aware of the increase in crime and applauded Majora’s bravery. He said the centre had installed several security preventative measures to combat crime.
“We have implemented security, surveillance cameras and alerted stuff to be on the lookout constantly for suspicious signs,” he said.

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