Soni’s last stand

Murder accused business man, Rajivee Soni




State prosecutor Advocate Johan Du Toit told murder accused Rajivee Soni that he was the only one who had a motive to kill Doctor Bhavish Sewram.

“Before confronting your wife about her alleged affair with Bavish Sewram you stated that you were enjoying your life. Then you find out your wife is allegedly having an affair, after that you then have to fight for custody of your daughter, you then get served with a protection order against you by your wife and on top of that your firearms get taken away” said Du Toit to Soni.

“I am not a murderer. Never have I thought of murdering anyone,” replied the businessman.

Apart from the murder charge Soni is also accused of waging a war of terror against Sewram which included assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and the laying of false charges.

Du Toit challenged Soni’s testimony that former rogue policeman turned state-witness Sugen Naidoo had attempted to extort money from him telling the court that it was Soni who paid money to Naidoo. Darryl Gounder, Sonali Sookraj and Sugen to make the doctor’s life a misery.

“No Mr. Du Toit, Sonali Sookraj does not even know who I am and I was involved in the sting operation against Gounder” argued Soni.

Soni’s defense advocate Christo Van Schalkwyk (SC) in his rebuttal of the state’s version re-opened the question of motive, asking his client to clarify the circumstances at the time.

“I had just found out that my wife was pregnant with my son. Kerusha and Sonali were happy and my marriage was back on track” testified Soni dismissing the state’s contention that he had the motive to kill Sewram.


Byrone Athman

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