Dog attack case returns to court

Estelle Sinkins with her son James Sinkins




With emotions running high for parents  Estelle and Graydon Sinkins  as they sat through the hearing listening to every detail of how their son had spent his last moments, Estelle said the court case was merely to ensure justice was served and make dog owners aware of the dangers that animals can cause.

“I do not wish any mother or father to have to feel the pain that we have felt,” wept the devastated mother.

Statement after statement read to the court by witnesses and the investigating officer at the time Captain Shawn Manicom, showed an aggressive picture of the neighbour’s dogs and the helplessness of the special needs child.

Neighbours Matthew Killian and Jan Jansen testified that the two dogs, owned by Shanaaz and Aslam Alladin,  had a violent history and had caused havoc within Geekie Road, Merrivale.

“These dogs have always been a nuisance in the area, entering and causing damage to our property especially in the night and I’ve had to resort to using live ammunition (paintball gun) to get them off my property,” Killian told the court.

Jansen, who lived in a granny cottage on Alladin’s premises  shared with the court that prior to the Sinkins’ child being mauled, his own dog had been viciously attacked in 2014 by the two dogs.

“I had to helplessly watch my dog being ripped into pieces,”Jansen told the court, adding that even though the Alladins had promised to replace his dog, they had failed to do so.

Captain Manicom  in his statement said an initial case  of “neglecting/allowing animal to attack a person” was opened.

“If the Alladins had  ensured the dogs were adequately secured and kept in their yard, today James would be alive.  Even if James was not a special needs child, he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself.  The decision not to prosecute anyone should be reconsidered, ” he read in his statement.

The matter returns to court on September 11.

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