Local vegan in dramatic pig rescue

"Babe" the pig that was rescued by Rekash Sinanin



Pietermaritzburg photographer and vegan advocate, Rekash Sinanin, came to the rescue of a pig that had just escaped it’s soon to be death when it managed to spontaneously break free from the truck that was carrying it to the slaughter house.

Sinanin, in a live Facebook video, described his emotional ordeal at having to stop his car and rush to the aid of the pig to prevent it from meeting with its untimely death as the pig was running aimlessly on the freeway.

“I managed to catch her before she was knocked and put her into my backseat” said Sinanin in the video that he posted.

Sinanin pleaded with those who viewed his video to help him find a loving home for the pig in order for it to live a long and happy life.

“We need to find her a safe home; we need to find her a place where she can be protected” pleaded Sinanin in his video.

“Babe”, as Sinanin has named the pig, was then transported to the SPCA Pietermaritzburg, where she will be cared for until a suitable home can be found for her.

Maureen Vida, spokesperson for the SPCA, told the Public Eye that when the pig was brought in it was badly bruised and very stressed based on the traumatic events that had transpired prior to it being saved. “One of our vet’s are treating her and we hope she recovers” said Vida.

Rekash Sinanin

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Byrone Athman

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