The sky is the limit – how stunning and innovative vertical gardens can transform dull spaces

Those of us who pride ourselves on our green thumbs and our ability to work with Mother Nature to nurture the growth of beautiful, and sometimes fragile, plants are always eager to explore new avenues for our gardens. The great news is that we needn’t restrict ourselves to the planters and beds we’ve carefully and thoughtfully cultivated over the years – walls, overhangs and tight spaces with limited floor areas are also fair game for our imaginations.

First, some benefits…

Before getting into the thick of the different methods that can be used to reach into, and in a sense “sculpt”, the third dimension, it may be good to underscore a few of the many benefits that vertical gardens can offer.

  • Vertical gardens make use of space that is either limited, ignored or difficult to use.
  • They can be used to enhance and beautify a dull or monotonous space, or to hide unsightly features like compost heaps and unkempt (but still much loved) sheds.
  • They can be used to clearly and powerfully define a space that at present seems to have indistinguishable boundaries.
  • They create very pleasant microclimates and microenvironments (for example, they can very noticeably cool a hot area or, depending on what you plant, provide a lovely fragrance).
  • Vertical gardens, once they’ve been developed, are very often easy to maintain, especially for those who struggle to bend down to tend to beds and planters.
  • Vertical gardens also lend themselves strongly to indoor use, again adding fragrance, beauty and even healthier room air.

The always enthusiastic and friendly gardening team at Builders, along with the knowledgeable Tanya Visser, have put together some options for you to consider.

For the beginner – hanging plastic bottle planters

So easy to do, and a great way to get your feet wet in the world of hanging gardens.

Recycling the old to create the new

Old tyres are extremely detrimental to the environment, but with a bit of colour and creativity, they can add tremendously to your home when they are transformed into a hanging garden wall feature.

Easy to create hanging herb gardens

We all love herbs, especially those that come from our own gardens. By employing this easy to implement method, you can create a very green wall feature that also increases your herb yield.

Hanging pots and hanging gutter-based planters

This is one is for those who don’t mind a bit of a challenge. Have no doubt, however: the absolutely stunning vertical gardens that you can create this way will leave you smiling for a long time. For the particularly adventurous, Tanya also provides all the info you need to setup your first gutter-based wall garden.

Feel inspired to further discover the wonderful world of vertical gardens? Go to your nearest Builders or shop online.

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