Political Parties 2014

DA councillor removed from Exco

Just over a month after the formation of the new Msunduzi Municipality Executive Committee (Exco), the DA has axed Naleni (Atwaru) Naidoo from Exco replacing her with veteran councillor Glen McArthur.

Mayor delivers R4 billion “pro poor” budget

City Mayor Chris Ndlela had every reason to stand “with his shoulders held high” when he presented the city’s R4.165 billion budget to full council on Wednesday, saying the primary consideration in its preparation was “the plight of the poorest of the poor”. Apart from fairly moderate tariff increases in everything but electricity, there was…

Opposition grows in strength

The Democratic Alliance has a growing number of supporters across Pietermaritzburg


2014 is an auspicious year, as South Africans mark 20 years of freedom.


Be a part of the solution


The FF plus fights for you future.


The election manifesto of the National Freedom Party is to be interpreted and understood within the context of Social Democracy.


The IFP believes that when you vote, you shape and own your own future. We want to help you make that future the one you deserve.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Manifesto is a perspective that contains practical and implementable commitments and a programme of action which will lead to the economic emancipation of the people of South Africa.