Every precious drop of water counts

The current drought is a huge wake-up call for all of us to start taking better care of our environment and being responsible about what we do

Barbaric shooting of senior official

The horrendous shooting of senior public safety official Pumla Dlamini is indeed tragic, most disturbing situation and is not acceptable in a country of democracy

Yes! It does matter how we talk?

In the article Dyer mentions a child refering to a black man. This supposedly reveals a racist attitude

Does it matter how we talk?

Racist comments on social media have been a hot topic recently, and many have responded vigorously to the juvenile, racist ranting of one not-too-bright lady regarding the beaches

Give that man Meyer an abacus

Meyer only has eyes for Pollard, his latest Loftus Liefling, while local rugby star Pat Lambie laments on the bench.

“My Tribute To Nelson Mandela”

Thank You And Goodbye Nelson Mandela We Affectionately Called You Tata Madiba You Were The Father Of The Nation And You Tended It With A Passion You Joined The Anc Then Your Purpose You Did See Your Ideal Was Freedom And Equality For All And You Certainly Answered This Call For You Apartheid Had To…

Too old to study

I am 37 years old. I have not completed my studies since I started five years ago. I am presently working but I wish that I can complete my studies without losing my income. Studying is expensive and I feel I’m maybe too old to study again. Confused. You are never too old to study….

Should I let my daughter know about her adoption

My 5 year old daughter is adopted. My husband and I feel it is necessary to tell her now in a way that she will understand buy my family are against it. I am feeling confused. Can you please give me your opinion? The issue of adoption should never be a secret. If your daughter…

Mothers – parent for the joy not the thanks

Mothers’ Day, our birthdays and particularly landmark birthdays when speeches are made – these are occasions when parents usually receive recognition for their effort, their energy sacrifices and their love for their children. The thank yous may be delivered in pictures from very young children, in writing, poetry or verbalised in a speech. As precious…