October is coffee month!

How do you know you are a coffeeholic?

• A day without coffee is not a day worth living and your body knows it.
• Your entire day revolves around that first cup.
• You finally understand the difference between good coffee and bad coffee.
• You have a go-to order.
• You silently (or verbally) start to judge people who only drink frappuccinos.
• You’ve experienced your first caffeine headache.
• You accept that fact that coffee now takes up a substantial amount of your finanaces.
• You can spend countless hours in your favourite local coffee shop.
• You truly believe coffee has changed your life for the better.


Two key terms to know when it comes to espresso drinks are “wet” and “dry” A “wet” drink has more creamy, hot milk. A “dry” drink has more frothed milk. The foam in dry drinks keeps them more insulated, so they stay hotter longer. Plus, they are great for making latte art in caffe lattes and other dry drinks.
For a cappuccino (or cap, as it is sometimes called), the difference is this: A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk. A dry cap has less steamed milk and more frothed milk. To add to this long list of coffee jargon, you can also order a cappuccino “bone dry,” which means only espresso and foam—no steamed milk at all and a “super wet” cappuccino is actually a latte since latte is espresso and steamed milk.


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